Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring planting, part 1

I've been avidly reading the Auld Farmer's Almanack ( available on-line, pls observe modern spelling rules), trying 2 figure out what's starting from seeds, and what kind of sets I have to buy over ye next couple of days.

Getting lined up with the moon would be impossibly complex were it not 4 ye Almanack's handy, dandy planting by the moon chart.

Tomorow carrot seeds get startd in the house, & I'll have until 3/5 2 get the seedlings planted outside. Also leek sets, which'll go outside immediately.

Everything else goes in Wednesday: cukes, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes.

Potatoes & onions R already growing.

Parsley waits 'til Friday.

Celery stalks @ midnite. 

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