Thursday, July 31, 2014

gardener's progress

Planting in early June.

Today, last day of July

Monday, July 28, 2014

going clubbing

My vacationing partner, visiting her family who live  far away, drew some cards for herself from an old casino deck, which is as good a medium as any other.

 Because of the single clubs theme of the draw, I don't think time is an element here. Instead, we´re looking at a manifestation of the present, and a very wise lady indeed.

In fact, the queen of clubs is wisdom personified. In my own deck, I´ve modeled her after this famous portrait by Miguel Cabrera of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz, one of the greatest intellects of the 17th century, who joined an order of nuns not out of religious impulses, but because it was the only way in Mexico at that time for a womn to avoid marriage. Sister Juana Ines wanted to devote her life to study. 


However much intellectual firepower the queen brings to this short spread, however, the most important card is the 8, as it is one of three "fixed" cards in both the playing and tarot packs. (The other two are the jack of hearts and king of spades.) Fixed cards are the most intense, and in the case of 8 clubs, the strength of the feelings which draw it to the center -- enabling mastery of most any situation through the power of unimpeded intellect -- also shed light on its weakness, a rigidity of thinking which can lead to mental ossification. 

Six clubs is the wayshower card, sometimes called the John the Baptist card, and indicates in this case the same person represented by the queen. This tells us if you´re fortunate enough to get advice from this person, you should listen. Her advice, if followed, will certainly change your life for the better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In the daily struggle with Parkinson's Disease, nothing is more important than maintaining a strong diet, rich in antioxidents, fruit sugars, & fish oil.

A producing garden is an inestimable ally in this fight. One needn't look 4 the organic label cause that's all we got. From left, tomatoes, zucchini growing on a mound behind & 2 the left of the main bed, strawberries, onions, red (cayenne)& jalapeno peppers, marijuana, potatoes, carrots, bush beans, pea vines, & lettuce. Cuucumbers are on a mound behind the green herb pot flanked by sunflowers.

The zucchini, cukes, and peas are already abundant. Tomatoes will be coming in soon. Green onions & carrots are just about ready. Spuds & pot went in later than the rest, & should yield well about the beginning of September.

 For people dealing with chronic  diseases, food is medicine. If it's not, you need 2 rethink your diet.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

drink yer eggplant!

Had 4 shots in a row day before yesterday, with no  ill effects on the gut. Will try it again 2day.

Along with 4 spritzes of glutathione, this could B z tickette.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

pea vine

I thought I heard that pea vine whistle blow;
I thought I heard that pea vine whistle blow.
& It's blowin just like my baby's gettin on board

Did you ever make the milk run out on the pea vine line? (Nodum sane?)
D'jever do the milk run way out on that old pea vine line?
It's the road to ride if you want 2 ease a troubled mind.

(Instrumental with China cymbals, trompettes made from 
thighbones of the deceased, Tibetan bass hornettes, drum, 
& c. & c.)

You know I cried last night, but I don't wanta cry no more;
Yes, I cried last night but I ain't gonna cry no more.
'Cause when I change my way of livin I won't be cryin no more.

post zip 7

Excuse please the more-than-one-week absence, but life intervenes sometimes, as was common in earler days, but unlike those former days, I don't always take el computador with me. 

I feel different than I used to a lot of the time, having been on  glutathione & eggplant juice about three weeks now, which seems to account for a lot of how I' m feeling. Timing is critical; miss a Sinemet-banana bread  by an hour, and you´re playing catch-up.

So your body tells you what you need, & you just got to listen all the time.

Besides drug therapy, we´ve had lots of gardening therapy lately. Marijuana went in yesteday, otherwise it´s all is in & up -- lettuce, peas, bush beans, radishes, scallions, carrots, potatoes, red and jalapeño peppers, strawberries, zucchini & cukes -- & lots of marigolds.

So yesterday I made miso with a baby scallion, zucchini, & 3 pea pods. yum yum. & it only gets better.

Friday, July 04, 2014

parkinson's day off

It's July 4, a holiday where I live.

Do yourself a favor & go read Charlie.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


    • Dave Brice is feeling berry good. The eggplant juice helps, I´m sure, and if it´s the "placebo effect" I´ll take it. Today I´m doing shooters -- 2-1/2 shots of pure eggplant juice chased with a big old gulp of jolly old Mr OJ.

      I make up enough in the morning for both of the day´s refreshment ordeals.

      Since the reapparance of glutathione in my daily routine, and now Asian eggplant, I feel like I´m truly getting a handle on this thing.