Friday, October 18, 2013

these magic days

Mi Tesoro and I drew these cards back about Sept 20.

I'm the top three / sky above. Below is the earth.

On the left, we've got each other, which is to say she's the female jack of clubs and I'm the king of cups or hearts, take your pick.

Two deuces: hers, two swords signifying work partnerships, or any other kind of serious partnership. Two batons (or clubs) is also a partnership, but one beset by fussing  and fighting.

Additionally, I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind, and am scheming about new ways to work and get some. More later. She's got the male jack of swords (or spades), a charmer, highly creative, but not to be trusted. We're already on alert to watch for him toward the end of the year, which would be a year from now, in August, September or October.

A couple of weeks ago we drew 10 cards for a Celtic cross, a popular layout since the old Golden Dawn days. Cards one and two are la querente and me. She, eight hearts, me three spades, the card of l'artiste.

The four cards surrounding the center are at left, the past; on the right, most likely immediate outcome, as soon as the next few weeks or months. Above is "what is above," or the goal, objective, or favoured outcome of a current situation. The southernmost card is the mental, and particularly the subconscious context of the unfolding narrative.

The eight of hearts and three of spades were fighting for the crown; Material desire follows stability all around the town.

What's chiefly wanted is a graceful end to the old life, to make way for the new. We're rich in Kings a pair, making the good outcome more than likely.

The column of four at left is the calendar of results, arranged by quarters of the year. All the work we've been doing on our health will come to fruition in the next three months, by year's end. The first quarter of 2014 will see significant prosperity, and we've been seeing a lot of this fortunate card lately.

The four diamonds following is the financial stability ensuing next spring, when we return to this magical place for the warm season. Finally, sometime next summer we are looking for the sppearance in our lives of a young, somewhat sinister male. En garde.

One last thing: These readings are noteworthy in that they consist entirely of suited cards, out of the playing card deck. This particular tarot deck of mine consists of 22/74 trumps, and Camoin's standard deck has 22/78. I don't know the odds against dealing 16 consecutive cards without a single trump among them, but I'll bet they're quite high.

Click on pics for a larger view. Tarot cards at top from the Tarot of Marseilles © 1997 by Camoin and Jodorowski. Tarots shown in the Celtic Cross ©2013, 2001 by Dave B., a.k.a. catboxer.