Tuesday, July 23, 2013

two make one

I thought this would be a reading for two people, but the cards are a single narrative, setting the prospects for the two to live life as a couple.

Starting at lower left, we see two hearts, an image which needs almost no interpretation. Two heats beating as one.

Just above the deuce, seven diamonds warn of financial challenges, but not so severe they can't be dealt with by a couple paying attention to business, and working to augment income. 

At the top of the center line, four spades (or swords) indicates
stability in matters of work and health, which is a good circumstance when dealing with financial challenges, further alluded to by the Queen of diamonds, the matriarch of money, who tends to be a spendthrift, generous to a fault sometimes, but is not likely to be a deadbeat or bankrupt. That theme is continued by five diamonds, a change in financial condition which may be positive. However, whenever this card appears, it's as an admonition to avoid falling into wasteful habits.

The bottom of the center line, eight clubs (or batons) is one of three "fixed" cards, whose content is anchored to extraordinarily strong convictions, tendencies, or opinions. Clubs rule the mental life and intellectual pursuits, and this image in the context of this reading shows two people, both of whom have clearly defined philosophies, ways of thinking, and approaches to life. When positive, this is a great strength, but it can also indicate a rigidity of inflexibility which undermines relationships with others.

At the center of this narrative about love, money, and the mental life of two acting as one, we find seven clubs, which tells us to  avoid negative thinking if we wish to prosper.

Click on the image for a larger view. Photo and cards ©2001, 2013 by Dave B, a.k.a. catboxer.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

knights in white satin

This for a dear friend of mine:

Three pips; no court cards or trumps. A pair of threes and in the center the card of three threes.

3 Spades is the artist's card and indicates creativity, but under great pressure. It may represent someone attempting two different lifestyles. 

Our old friend the nine of diamonds, which visits so many of us in retirement, takes center stage here, representing the end of a way of making money. 

The 3 hearts, the direction in which things are trending, is confusion and indecision in love, and may refer to a romantic tangle or a family situation.

This one I drew back on the first of July. The good old Jack of clubs leads, with his head lost in the books and among the obscura mathematicis.

Then comes the same pair of pips, in the same order as they showed up in my life a little less than a month ago. The six of spades has become almost a cliché in my life, as it comes along regularly, often in the center spot. It's reminding me here that I've reaped great rewards from my lifestyle "makeover" of just a few short years ago. The 7 spades says the pleasant status quo, which is always momentary, will be challenged, and also the 7 admonishes us to keep the faith.

Photos and tarot cards ©2001, 2013 by Dave B., a.k.a. catboxer. Click on the pix for enlarged views.