Saturday, November 23, 2013

two part harmony

A reading for two, showing lives in harmony. Both lines begin with a trump and end with a spot card from the spades suit.

The star, is an unthreatening, hopeful image. Writing at, Thirteen comments that "Like Aquarius," to which the classical image of the Marseilles pack clearly alludes, "the card's vision is for tomorrow." Placed here in the recent past, it tells me that it's time to translate yesterday's hope into the action indicated in the three clubs, the writer's card. High levels of creativity are achieved under stress.

The karma card, six spades. is an old friend, and indicates the results of work and health habits, for good or for ill. And in my case I'm hoping for a positive result from my  recent resumption of a daily yoga practice, along with three or four cardio workouts in the gym per week.

The other line begins with the Pope, a symbol of formal religious study, orthodox thinking, and adherence to tradition, all things my partner hopes to leave behind as she moves to a new home in a new state, represented by five hearts. Seven spades, the card of faith, in this case refers mainly to faith in herself, her vision of the future, and a spiritualism free of hidebound conventions and "thou shalt not" admonitions.

At the end of our sixth decades, life remains an adventure.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

the way

This is an awesomely positive draw of cards, and extremely easy to interpret.

The six of clubs is the sign of the way shower, sometimes called "the John the Baptist card." It's directly above and corresponds with the 9 spades below it.

She (the line below) came to me needing and strongly desiring an end to the pain, sadness, and bad habits of her old life. The 9 is "finis" for old habits and attitudes, and even before arriving on Puget Sound she discovered me and my simple (but not always easy) routines, an hour of daily exercise plus a dietary overhaul. I'm not a prophet, but I know this commonsense program I use to combat Parkinson's disease is suitable for any purpose, and that unless a person has Faustian ambitions, following this plan will give most anyone what he or she wants.

The wandering fool is on the move again. I drew this card several months running in 2010 and '11, at a time when I felt rootless, like a person in perpetual transit. And here we are again, having left the northwest and looking to settle in Arizona, where the living and breathing are easy. Emphysema makes living on Puget Sound, with its constantly high humidity, too difficult. I love that area, but will have to be satisfied with an annual visit from now on, and Kit prefers the year round warmth and snowless desert to any climate she's experienced except Hawaii's. So Arizona it is.

The wanderer is paired with five spades, whose meaning is simply "big changes in the little things we do every day of our lives." This is the natural consequence of walking through the door pictured on the 9 that precedes it.

The hermit is on the right, and signifies the outcome if things keep going as they are now. He's a wise old man, nearing the end as the sand in his hourglass inevitably follows gravity, and in fact this card was originally called "the old man" ("lo vecchio") or "the hunchback" (Il Gobbo). I'm indeed old, and although  my back is straight, am physically compromised in other ways.

The final card in the draw is the most straightforward of all the trumps. "Love" was its original name, but the insertion of a third person in the image and the change of title to "the lovers," first occurred in the early Marseilles decks an  unfortunate mutation, which has led to hopelessly scrambled and hypercomplex interpretations. In its pristine simplicity, this image predicts the most desirable outcome we might imagine, as Cupid draws back his bow and love infuses every aspect of our intertwined lives.

Altogether, her line is rich in spades, the suit of work and health, and dominated by love's sunshine. There are three suited cards in this draw, two trumps, and "Il Matto," who is neither fish nor fowl, the only card with no suit, no number, and not a trump.


Click on the image for a larger and better view. Photo: Kit Wood. Tarot card ©2001, 2013 by Dave B., a.k.a. Catboxer.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

today's reading

Finally, the trumps drought is broken.

The sky (masculine) above is my line. The earth below is hers.

Commentary will follow.

Saturday, November 02, 2013


I spoke too soon at the end of the last post. I have since checked the record and found that since my partner and I got together in July, she and I have drawn 39 cards in several readings without a single trump among them.

I wonder what the chances of that are?

And how much longer can it last?

We'll find out tomorrow.