Friday, September 13, 2013

two people, three cards

A three card reading never gets simpler or more straightforward than this.

The couple is admonished by the seven clubs to guard against falling into negative mental habits. The warning alludes to the tendency, especially prevalent among the elderly, toward pessemism and cynicism. These attitudes can poison a relationship, and have poisoned many. This is just a warning to be vigilant, and stay upbeat, BECAUSE...

We're doing so well re: diet and exercise that the discipline is yielding positive results, in health, and in a resolve to return to work, all of which is emphasized by the ten spades. And going back to work will, in its turn, yield more rewards.

The eight diamonds is a familiar card, forecasting a continuation  and strengthening of prosperity. It means having a good income, little or no anxiety about material needs, and having money to spend.

This is another all pips reading; no trumps in this short hand, and no courts.

Photo & tarot cards ©2001, 2013 by Dave B., a.k.a. catboxer.