Sunday, August 03, 2014

no newt


...but I must´s the only way I can keep my disordered cognition from flying apart like a Model T doing 90.

¨Cognitive disorder¨ you say? Yes, but not the way you think. At this stage of the illness one´s cognition gets sloppy, runs over, gets all over everything, like a mocoso with an ice cream.

CRS on steroids is all it is, really. The light is still on, and there´s somebody home, but the bulb  flickers quite a bit.

It´s like listening to a radio which half the time is clear as a crystal bell, and the other half the time is nothing but static.

 It may sound horrible, but it´s not that bad. It´s not like having a kidney stone, or an inflammation of  the big nerve in your leg, whatever the fookinelle it´s called -- I´ve actually had it, but the name escapes me at the moment.

It´s just like that. All the damn time.

So its not as bad as a lot of other things I could name and a few things I´ve had. it´s not painful, it isn't dementia, at least not yet, and it doesn´t get in your way, except when you´re trying to remember the name of the biggest nerve in the human body. Hey, that´s it! Fookinitis!

1 hr. later I remember, & had to look it up. Siatica. Lookin it up took a while without no nternet.

Sciatica. Had to look it up, and I forgot NoNternet.

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